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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 5, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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the show must go on 24 hours after a performer was burned on stage and he is still in the hospital. we are in may would with more on the actors condition. >> much better tonight especially considering the big scare that brought him here just over 24 hours ago burns to his face and his throat breathing a big sigh of relief. they were pretty horrifying seconds this opera soprano was very close to the fire stunned gone wrong she
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was on stage when the fire breathing performer appeared to briefly burst into flames his horrified father was in the audience. i spoke to the father several times wesley is doing fine the burns around his mouth are no worse than a sunburn. the 5 1/2 there were five and a half hours into the act when the mishap occurred. he went to a loyal but in serious-critical condition where doctors inserted a breathing tube, he is recovering extremely quickly according to his family and his family couldn't be happier about that or about the way that this was handled. lyric opera officials want to stress that it was not
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the performer or his wardrobe that went up in flames however he is the second performer to be singed in under one week, no flames in the show which opens in rehearsal he is expected to be discharged from the hospital the day before that new or rest in the charges of the hair salon robberies' they arrested a suspect last night in connection with more than one dozen robberies in chicago suburbs. he pulled out a gun and demanded cash police conducted a series of lineups' today to complete their investigation. senate
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executive committee approving senate bill no. 10 by a vote of 9-5 which means it could go from a full vote in the senate soon. senate president john cullerton said earlier he wanted to have a vote on the bill on valentine's day it hurts because our relationship is recognized differently. it simply to make sure that the religious freedom of churches and religious organizations is protected and i am afraid that this bill does not do that. the senate earlier tried to pass the bill in january's lame-duck session but it never got out. failure to
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comply means up to $2,000 in fines if you do not report your firearm lost or stolen. almost one-third of the weapons were sold illegally in suburban cook county. people have a firearm owners identification card they can sell it to gangbangers. >> preckwinkle said one-third of the guns found illegally come from suburban coke. coming to us from the people who are there right now details are available will have a report as soon as we can make it available during the 9:00 news. a credit downgrade and the state essentially broke
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gov quinn faces a tough tax to will also push for a vote on same-sex marriage in the opening primary where anybody can vote regardless of affiliation. former chicago area congresswoman collins has died her death reportedly due to natural causes, it happened over the weekend. she may not have made headlines all the time but she became a very influential representative of capitol hill always fighting for social justice and health-care initiatives for lower income people. she became the first
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african-american woman from illinois to serve in congress but she became so much more. she was meant to be a place holder, of course when she got there she decided this is where she wanted to stay. she was reelected for 12 consecutive terms from 1973- 1997 congressman danny davis with the backing tried to see her twice the put danny davis in she beat him. she represented the district and working-class people she knew what the needs of the district were and she represented the city of chicago. she was one
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chicagos political women's rights advocates she walked softly but she cared a big stick. carried a big stick. when it came to equal rights for people of color she even took on the white sox. there are not many african-americans there. collins was 81 years old. congressman bobby rush says the issue is a strong brazilian woman who touched the lives of many gov
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quinn called her a legend in our state funeral arrangements are still pending the found issues but the overwhelming majority of tax preparers. it turns out that the government has actual guidelines this strange plan for the future of the site. a wintry cocktail that could be in wednesday night.
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shocking taxpayers decided they are not following city royals when it comes to taxes. more with the city's undercover investigation. a list two pages long not meeting some of the basic guidelines that the city set up some of the names you have heard of before... it doesn't mean you shouldn't do business with them but they do ask that you ask them questions
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in flashy ad that ended up costing consumers big it did shutdown last year people lined up questioning what happened to their irs returns. the stores are no longer round but the city department of consumer protection is warning that there may be others. this year tax preparers must show a bill of rights that have to be totally up front about these. in march and april about one-quarter of the complaints that they get are
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on these pop-up tax shops. a lot of them promise that you will get you their money sooner and they don't and we cannot promise somebody you can get them a bigger refund. consider yourself warned. there are a lot of fees, hidden charges. people don't think of that. the irs has tried to regulate the shops but they are keeping them from doing that the lesson here is to pay attention for more tips and information on these shops go to
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our web site and we will want you to the city's business affairs and consumer protection agency. it's really unbelievable that that is happening. there are lawsuits right now they sued him for $800,000 in losses we are still waiting to see what happens with that. illinois and the justice department and 14 other states are suing the credit agency. critics say the other credit rating agencies gave high ratings to the sub prime loans
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they lost value and contributed to the financial crash worldwide. a new financial deadline looms in congress there urging members to take action with severe mandatory government spending cuts. it is the result of the 2011 deal that raised the debt ceiling he said he would prefer a comprehensive plan but he says congress still needs to take some sort of action. get a bigger package don by the time the sequester is scheduled to go into effect then i believe that they should at least pass a smaller package of spending cuts and tax reforms that would delay the economically damaged a fact of the sequestered. republicans were quick to criticize the president's plan saying that it relies too heavily on tax increases. the
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u.s. government can use lethal force against an american overseas if that person is a senior operational leader of and al-of al-qaeda or its affiliates. several of them did kill americans in 2011 he was in yemen american but never charged with a crime grand plans for the town where osama bin laden's lived $30 million park would include watersports many sports and pair guiding the private venture is expected to take five years to complete. a course that was rescued at the last moment will now have a lasting legacy meet the woman who saved the
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thoroughbreds life. and the story behind a chicago restaurant. more of us are saying goodbye to facebook at least for a period of time. [ male announcer ] susan writes children's books. when she's happy, she writes about bunnies. when she's sad she writes about goblins. [ balloon pops, goblin growling ] she wrote a lot about goblins after getting burned in the market. but she found someone to talk to and gained the confidence to start investing again. ♪ ♪ and that's what you call a storybook ending. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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pure coincidence, down lock brought together a former horse trainer and a thoroughbred horse on its way to a slaughterhouse. they're promising offspring that no one saw coming. on a small farm just west of aurora the
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falling snow masks this amazing whores. gail the founder of the illinois equine he made center will probably tell you about the horses that she saved from slaughter over the years but it's 15 year-old lulu thoroughbred who may take up the majority of your check. this is my girl almost didn't make it. a former researcher was nearly crippled and pain. she has a cushion that is underneath the pad a man had already bought hurt intending on taking her to canada for slaughter but gale stepped in. i told him that i didn't think she would survive the trip and he would lose money on her anyway so name your price and i will buy her. here is where ticks on a different
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color without knowing it she not only saved her but the on board so that was growing inside of her. she gave birth and much to the surprise of everybody here the baby could be named taxi born on april 15th she has the look and the stride of a potential champion. we need to find out who she is into the baby's daddy is because we need to know what we have here. these are the two early on. the baby's father was also a former research. when i looked up his pedigree and history online i was floored to find out having earned two in the half million dollars. his name means good
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fortune. even though she spit out the peppermint she gave him tonight she believes that this three-year-old thoroughbred will do well. we had some promise. he can run. he is maturing to the point where he is going to be able to show it here. quite a ride for a horse who was almost never born. because his mom was sent to slaughter but was saved by someone who saw promise in her life. generational jolt for baby boomers, what is not so great about the group. in medical watch, helping
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bones may be hurting something else. the story of love, food and history.
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whenthe declining health of baby
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boomers. for the first time this is not the case, baby boomers may be living longer but they are less healthy the journal of internal medicine reports on higher rates of obesity diabetes high blood pressure and cholesterol just 13 percent of
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baby boomers studied ages 46-54 were in excellent health. the army says that they believe they can make better soldiers who can protect themselves from posttraumatic stress disorder the plan is to boost their physical and emotional and psychological resilience army leaders say they want a plan in place by february 15th to combat depression substance abuse and violence and suicide mental health experts say it is a huge task but it's necessary in spite of suicides and mental health breakdowns in the military. protecting your bones may break your heart a new study linked bone strengthening calcium supplements with an increase for heart disease the national institute of health conducted the study on 4000 middle-aged men. there were 20 percent more likely to die than men who did not take calcium supplements.
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>> word today about the great lakes we will talk about that in just a moment some interesting news on that front a beautiful postcard tight shot from our friend today whose photographic work is something that you always just want to spend a moment looking at. he plans hearts at the end of his driveway. a fast day a beautiful day we on our time lapse just moved in. it completely obscures the view you can see the brakes
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after that little burst of snow that went down and dropped visibility to a quarter mile at times. and 20 minutes timeit's now official lake michigan dropped to new record lows they had been below normal for 14 years records going back to 1918, that is the longest period of below normal lake levels they have been flirting with the record for some time. this weather has repercussions when these low lead levels have
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real implication for transportation there is our fast-moving snow band it has really hightailed it out of here and it is already moving into pennsylvania and parts of west virginia. the biggest total we found was angel michigan at 2 in. they all measured some snow it was our fifth consecutive day of measurable snow in chicago if you are getting tired of this that may be why it certainly has
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been a turnaround in the winter that now has 9.2 in. of snow to its credit a couple of camera views as the snow came through harvard and the northwest suburbs to buffalo grove. in quiet day tomorrow but a wintry cocktail is on the way lee tomorrow night or thursday this one out west is going to slide down this big thermal boundary that separates unseasonable warmth 57 and st. louis in and 57 in oklahoma city. syphilis is
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still at 42. there are actually two los that can act gulf lows that connect gulf moisture. not a huge amount of snow in our area as you can see right there we will come back and show you the upper midwest snow for those of you watching us on wgn through many parts of wisconsin and michigan we have a windy rainy smiled storm on sunday more on that on the updates as well. tomorrow mixed sunshine gives way to more
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clouds in the afternoon and evening light winds clouds thicken low of 27 freezing rain may be some mixed snow changing to rain on thursday. a former diamond miner and a fashion designer find their true
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carvwe have breaking news, a crash on the south side in what is called the lower west side neighborhood.
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>> good evening it was around a 30 p.m. when this red jeep cherokee somehow flipped over on the eastbound lane of 31st street just west of western avenue here. three people were inside that the jeep we are told all of them in very serious condition two of them were listed in critical condition the fire department said a third person is in extremely critical condition at this point there is a very good chance that if there is one fatality in this bunch there is a bunch more. right now what we're trying to sort out is how it actually came down no other vehicles involved the officers think perhaps drugs or alcohol were involved all of these injuries were taken to mount sinai at last check for now we are live on the lower
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west side. the growing popularity of corn may restaurants and cooking shows reveal america's appreciation for food beyond burgers and pizza. we are taking a trip back in time. there was a time when americans judged their food by how high the pasta was piled on their plate this is a different experience there are no shortcuts in the kitchen. while some chefs are chasing the next trend sylvia reaches into a box of old notes from her grandmother. this is a recipe book from my grandmother she was from bologna to recipes that are
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often on the menu date back about 500 years i think this can be likable now. during a visit to chicago they saw an opportunity to bring authentic in northern italian cuisine to chicago but what americans buy it? they were about 60 years old, lives in italy and never ran a restaurant he was a diamond merchant and she was a fashion designer. in the year 2000 they took a chance because their passion was food and in 12 years and they're still going strong. you see how those
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customers now come and they know how much love and passion is in the plate. the passion for the plate and their passion for each other they met as children when they lived in the same neighborhood in bologna but despite their history working together for any couple especially in a restaurant can be a challenge. it was checking how we can rely on each other. the walls are adorned with their love of italy these watercolors were painted by sylvia's father
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the family photos and images of their native bologna welcome you to their candle lit tables valentine's day is booked the romance of italy is always here. you can also check out their website. more and more people logging off a facebook later in sports we explain why purple will become more prominent at wrigley. this is america. we don't
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ac rthe long blackout during the
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superbowl shocked everyone newly released documents show the engineers into the local utility company expressed concerns about the reliability of electricity a full three months before the game the approval lead to $1 million in state funds for upgrades. attorneys of the superdome is managers provided the documents the blackout delayed the superbowl for 34 minutes sorelyshortly after the second half the cause
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remains under investigation. a poll published in forbes magazine, the notre dame linebacker te'o, look who is at no. 4 the bears' quarterback j. cutler who was seen as apparently standoffish and to critics call to soft according to the pool. your drumroll got stuck into then the graphics move forward. we have a quiet wednesday ahead. my producer always on the lookout for the statistics points out 24 days
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until meteorological spring which is pretty nice one week ago it was 63 degrees today we had our fifth day of measurable snow so what a difference one week makes look at this snow that falls up to the north as we get an icy mixture of freezing rain and sleet the day after tomorrow the jet stream buckles out in california and the west a sign that a big storm is about to develop out west the next storm takes shape it rains on us powerful winds will push temperatures up to the '40's before circulation turns colder in next week it's not bad it is 30 degrees at o'hare that starts
9:49 pm
lee tomorrow night or early thursday and continues into the day. this on his back friday and part of saturday and windy rain is expected. a moderate brand of cold that could get more intensely cold next weekend. 60 percent of our snow is over now. a great cross country skiing day today. it's nice to have all little snow cover. if you want to get away from your social network for a while take a facebook vacation
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there are more popular than you think 61 percent of facebook users have taken occasional hiatuses from the social network for a variety of reasons of that group 21% say their vacation was the result of being too busy for the site 10 percent said they lost interest and 9 percent left to avoid their friends trauma. coming up a very scary crash leaves the u.s. olympic star in jeopardy. hershey's is more than chocolate. it's an invitation. to stop and savor. when the chocolate is hershey's. life is delicious.
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floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ ♪ of to the west coast we go. notsan jose lost for only the first time last night on the same sheet and a shark tank san jose is bringing the wood. the sharks get the early lead tory crawford got the lead tommy got the other one for the start checking in at the allstate arena trying to break
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a 16 game losing streak. 40-40 at halftime after that it was goodbye depaul. he lined up for three and a 15. wildcats' lead an easy way up and the team's losing streak is seven and counting 94-71 more football coming to wrigley field and that is not all that will have to work around the restoration project are berkeley failed but everybody is happy to do that.
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it was an unbelievable experience we have to do innovative creative things we need to find and identify and continue to work in chicago we really feel like wrigley is such a special place that when you come and have a great memory is a further bonds due to the building but also to the team and it's just great for the neighborhood as well. anything we can do on a game is something that we should look at. lindsay mons skiing season is over. she lost her balance coming over that job and she was all over the place her right knee and she
9:56 pm
also fractured a bone in her lower leg. they decided to airlifter right from the accident site to the hospital, some doctors say that she should be ready for the winter olympics exactly one year from now that was one heck of a comeback. if he is listed in the records of that clinic there are no links between braun and any specific drugs and he says tonight that he has done nothing wrong. the ravens bring the hardware back from baltimore all part of the entertainment of the celebration in baltimore. the city is going crazy for the ravens! the world
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champion baltimore ravens. by the way to-one two- all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no!
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